Worm 7.5″


Quantity Per Pack: 15


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These incredible Bass Catchers are available in up to three-color combinations. They have a soft texture and have a fairly buoyant body for great worm fishing!

Additional information
Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 8 × 4.25 in

Black, Grape, Black/Blue Tail, Black/Fire Tail, Black/Chartreuse Tail, Pumpkin Seed Chartreuse Tail, Black Blue Glitter Blue Tail, June Bug Chartreuse Tail, Louisiana Softshell, June Bug/Blue Tail, Red/Pearl Belly, Crayfish/Pearl Belly, Tequila/Sunrise, Tequila/Green Glitter, Red Shad/Green Glitter, Junebug/Red Glitter, Black/Blue Glitter Tail, Watermelon/Red Glitter, Watermelon Seed, Mocassin/Blue Glitter, June Bug, Plum, Red Bug, Green Pumpkin, Red Glitter Belly, Crayfish/Glitter Belly, Plum Apple

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