Shad 5″


Quantity Per Pack: 8


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Our 5″ Shad and offer a natural baitfish profile. Their long straight tail helps them dart and glide through the water with the slightest twitch of the rod, and when at rest, quivers enticingly like a real bait fish. Also equipped with a convenient belly hook slot for easy rigging, they catch fish from coast to coast.

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Weight 0.18 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 8 × 4.25 in

Black, Roadkill, Alewife, White, Pink, Glow, Limetreuse, Morning Glory, Texas Roach, 10W 40, Chicken on a Chain, Pumpkin Seed/Chartreuse Tail, Avocado/Red Tail, S&P Silver Phantom/Chart Tail, Albino/Fire Tail, Fire Tiger, Chart. Pepper Shad/Fire Tail, Strawberry/White Tail, Glow/Fire Tail, Glow/Chartreuse Tail, Plum/Chartreuse Tail, Bloody White, Morning Glory/Limetreuse Tail, Hot Chicken, Slammin Chicken, Mama's Chicken, Watermelon Seed/Chartreuse Tail, Magic Grass, Fried Chicken, Butt Naked, Salty Chicken, Purple Chicken, Black Shad, Cajun Croaker, Red Shad, Candy Corn, Wakasagi, Mama's 14K, Bone Diamond, Treuse Goose, PT 2000, Cool Ice, Albino Shad, Arkansas Shiner, Rainbow Trout, Gold Pepper Shiner, Salt&Pepper Silver Phantom, Meat Hook, Smoke Wagon, Chartreuse Pepper Shad, Crystal Shad, Crown Ice, Mississippi Hippie, Native Shiner, Baby Bass, Electric Chicken, New Penny, Red/Gold Shiner, Native Shrimp, Opening Night, Silver Mullet, Croaker Shad, Space Guppy, Chartreuse Woodpecker, Houdini, Copper Juice, Rootbeer/Red Glitter, Watermelon/Red Glitter, Watermelon Seed, Junebug, Watermelon Gold, Plum, Golden Bream, Sand Trout, Stinky Pink, Violet Moon, Green Moon, Morning Dawn, Grey Ghost, Electric Shad, Chartreuse/Silver Glitter, Ripper, Green Pumpkin, Watermelon Candy, Bluegill Flash, Rainbow Shad, Albino Ghost, Limetreuse Ghost, Pink Ghost, Panhandle Moon, Hammertime, Drunk Monkey, Good Penny, Molting, Mudbug, Sungill, Bad to the Bone, Watermelon Red Magic, Clear Gold, Northern Minnow, Money, Purple Moon, Watermelon Slice

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