JA Series Jighead


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The newest innovation from Bass Assassin! Our jigheads feature top of the line Mustad Needlepoint Wide Gap hooks. The lifelike head gives the illusion of a bait fish. Used for saltwater or freshwater, these hooks will prove themselves to be a must for your tackle box!

Additional information
Weight 0.07 lbs
Dimensions 0.5 × 1.8 × 3.5 in

1/2 oz. Lead/Red Eye, 1/2 oz. Red, 1/2 oz. Chartreuse Flash, 1/16 oz. Lead/Red Eye, 1/16 oz. Red, 1/16 oz. Chicken on a Chain, 1/16 oz. Chartreuse Flash, 1/16 oz. Electric Chicken, 1/16 oz. New Penny, 1/8 oz. Lead/Red Eye, 1/8 oz. Red, 1/8 oz. Chicken on a Chain, 1/8 oz. Chartreuse Flash, 1/8 oz. Electric Chicken, 1/8 oz. New Penny, 1/4 oz. Lead/Red Eye, 1/4 oz. Red, 1/4 oz. Chicken on a Chain, 1/4 oz. Chartreuse Flash, 1/4 oz. Electric Chicken, 1/4 oz. New Penny


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